I’m Angela Laflen, a faculty member in the English department at California State University, Sacramento. My teaching and research concern writing, rhetoric, and technology. More specifically, I am drawn to questions concerning response practices, online pedagogies, and digital and multimodal literacies.




Teaching Philosophy

Typing on a Computer

Sample Syllabi

Checking Text on a Document

Recent Evaluations



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Quantitative Literacy in the Composition Classroom: Using Infographics’ Assignments to Teach Ethical and Effective Data Use

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Using Eli Review as a Strategy for Feedback in Online Courses


What LMS Site Statistics Tell Us about Timing Instructor Feedback on Student Writing

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Confronting Visuality in Multi-Ethnic Women’s Writing



Links to some of my students' digital projects.

Student Presentation at CCCCs 2021 Undergraduate Researcher Poster Session

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Student Webtext Published in Jump+

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History of Women at Marist Interactive Timeline

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Student Presentation at Sigdoc '15

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Comparative Usability Test Published by TryMyUI

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Future Projects, Courses, and Presentations

During Spring 2022, I have a research leave, and I am serving as Teaching Associate Coordinator for the Writing Program.

In my research, I am beginning a new study to look at how instructors choose among response programs and technologies to provide efeedback on student writing and the impact of those choices on teacher commentary and student revisions.